Cancer changes a person’s life forever.

The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center will help people experience this change and go on to lead full and meaningful lives.

Here, we go beyond curing a disease and begin to heal the human spirit by creating an atmosphere of hope and resilience. It is in this spirit that the Healing Arts Program was created to support and comfort people through the arts.

The Healing Arts Program will be comprised of four primary elements to help reduce pain perception, anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression and to provide new insight and clarify feelings about a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The four elements will include:

We want to take you along on our journey as the Healing Arts Program takes shape.

To that end, we’re pleased announce a new lighted glass tower called “Search” being created by Omaha artist Jun Kaneko. The tower will be 75-feet high with a 7-foot base and will open with the new cancer center in the spring of 2017.

Kaneko began working on it in January 2016. It will be located at the corner of 45th Street and Dewey Avenue on the campus of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine.

“It’s a beautiful site. It fits perfectly,” said Kaneko, who has done art projects around the world. “The cancer center is like a huge creative center. To be next to that kind of building, it’s an honor. I really appreciate this opportunity. It’s going to be in my hometown. I can’t wait to see the piece up.”

You can watch and read more about the Kaneko’s “Search” tower.

Interested in supporting the Healing Arts Program? Contact Karen Levin at 402-502-4921 or or click here.

“Art creates a compassionate, supportive and inspirational environment for patients, staff and visitors. Through artistic and aesthetic experiences, the Healing Arts Program recognizes that art is intrinsic to wellness and healing.”
Kenneth H. Cowan, MD, PhD, Director, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center