Collaboration is the foundation from which we are building our organization’s culture.

We are breaking down artificial barriers that have long separated scientists and clinicians by bringing them together in one place to work as a team. Here, the world’s best doctors and researchers ask questions, share ideas and find answers that profoundly improve patient outcomes. The new facility will allow science and medicine to align in new and uncharted ways.

Meet four of the forty new physicians and scientists who have joined Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

Muhamed Baljevic, MD
Medical Hematologist/Oncologist

Abbey Fingeret, MD
Endocrine Surgeon

Sarah Holstein, MD, PhD
Multiple Myeloma Specialist

Chi “Kevin” Zhang, MD, PhD
Central Nervous System Tumor Specialist

“Omaha is not a small, sleepy town. It’s a modern, metropolitan community filled with extremely gifted individuals who have a shared work ethic and willingness to get things done. The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center is into ideas, into principles that work, into remodeling systems for better outcomes. There is a huge amount of opportunity for those who want to apply themselves. In terms of systematically improving cancer care there’s a significant financial commitment to making the new facility have everything it needs to have. Everyone should sit up and take notice.”
Sarah Thayer, MD, PhD, an internationally recognized physician-scientist from Harvard Medical School who joined the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center to serve as associate director for clinical affairs and physician-in-chief.
“I joined the Fred & Pamela Buffet Cancer Center following a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institutes Health in 2013. What impressed me during the interview process was the enthusiasm and commitment to cancer research. This dedication, coupled with the collaborative atmosphere and the resources available, convinced me my research program could succeed at UNMC and impact the treatment of patients with cancer.”
Kate Hyde, assistant professor with the UNMC department of biochemistry and molecular biology