Here’s a look at some of the new happenings.

  • Work is nearing completion on floor plans for the Comprehensive Cancer Center, as part of the schematic design phase. This means that we are developing floor plans and determining operational efficiencies and best practices to ensure the best experience for our employees and, most importantly, our patients. Several committees – with employees representing various health disciplines — have been meeting to provide input during this process.
  • The Nebraska Medical Center, in collaboration with UNMC Physicians, is developing a master plan for its clinical space needs, including the effect of vacated clinical space once the Comprehensive Cancer Center opens. More information regarding the planned ambulatory (general outpatient) center will become available once this planning has concluded. Part of the study will include analysis of population trends and whether additional services should be provided in areas beyond the main campus.
  • Planners are analyzing how the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s floors and spaces will match up with space in adjacent buildings, including the Durham Outpatient Center and Durham Research Towers. The new rendering of the Cancer Center shows its footprint farther north and east on the property. The location is identified, though the design shown in the rendering could change
  • As shown in the rendering, the visitor parking garage (Lot 2) at the corner of Durham Research Plaza (44th Street) and Emile Street will remain in use. The garage will be upgraded, including interior lighting, paint and repairs.
  • Employees who park in Lot 50 won’t be moved to other lots in the immediate future. More parking will be needed when the Comprehensive Cancer Center opens in 2016 to accommodate patients, visitors and new employees.
  • Swanson Hall relocations are in progress, and will be complete by June 2013. Swanson Hall demolition is to begin in July.
  • Project kick-off event is scheduled for May 7.