Two large exterior signs identifying the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center were placed on the building by Kiewit Building Group. With the project completing the use of the existing tower cranes, the sign installation had to be scheduled before the cranes were removed.

Unlike other signs that are installed in sections on a building, these signs featured a unique unit assembly system that allowed the signs to be completely assembled at ground level. They were then hoisted onto the building in one piece.

Kiewit monitored weather conditions to determine the install date. “Because of the size of the signs and the fact that we needed to use a crane for placement, it was important that we have minimal wind during installation,” Bauer said.

Several Omaha firms were involved in the signage project. They included: HDR – completed the design for the signage; Architectural Wall Systems – locally manufactured and assembled the sign frame; ASI Signs – fabricated the lettering; and Christensen House Moving – transported the signs to the UNMC/Nebraska Medicine campus.

Some other quick facts about the signs include:
· The signs weigh 8,000 lbs. each. In addition, there is another 1,400 pounds of weight in the associated rigging needed to put the signs in place.
· They are 36 ft. long, 16 ft. tall, and 13 ft. deep.
· Lettering on the “BUFFETT” name on the signs is 5 ft. tall and is visible from nearly a half-mile away.
· The signs are comprised of zinc panel cladding with aluminum frame and utilize energy efficient LED lighting.
· The signs were moved at midnight on Monday morning when traffic was minimal. They were transported from the Architectural Wall Systems facility.
· The signs are the largest fabricated by Architectural Wall Systems. They took approximately six weeks to assemble.

The signs were lit by Pamela Buffett and will remain lit throughout the construction process when it opens in May of 2017. Nebraska Medicine and UNMC would like to convey our continued thanks to Pamela Buffett for the generous donation and to all the other donors who are making the project a reality!

Dr. Ken Cowan and Chancellor Gold share their thoughts on this latest major milestone